EazeTx© is our innovative online software suite connecting Doctors, Labs, Pharmacies mainly. Along with connecting patients so that the entire medical consultation to medicine dispersal cycle is brought under one roof, while patient and the doctor stays at home for a majority of cases.

EazeTx© is primarily, an online platform for individual or a group of doctors to market their services and record, track and update their patient consultation details. EazeTx will help doctors to track their patient consultations, history, medicine, and procedures online. Our Mobile app ensures this can be done over the mobile too.

In the first-level (L1) consultation L1 stage, the doctor can meet the patient in person, or over video call / phone call, review the presenting complaints and prescribe medicines, which can be home delivered to the patient, from nearest pharmacy. The integration between doctors and pharmacies, ensure that the e-prescription is send to the pharmacy directly.

The doctor can also suggest some routine lab tests, X-rays, for assessing the right treatment. Again, integration with the labs, ensure that quick and easy Lab visit experience. They can coordinate appointment times for the patient. Nearest labs can collect samples from patient’s home, avoiding patient contact with a wider community. We offer a wide range of solutions for hospitals to for better management. It varies from offering the entire suite of hospital management modules to giving specific modules that can be integrated in to the current system for better performance. We listen to your requirements and we develop the industry best solution that will surprise you in its ease of use.

• Ease of use
• User interface simplified
• All possible scenarios handled
• Can handle large volumes of data

We are confident that EazeTx will bring about a radical shift in the medical industry, paving the way for easily accessible tele-medicine.

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